It is no secret that Keiko Abe is my favorite marimba player. In fact, I wrote a blog entry about it. I would highly recommend reading Rebecca Kite's book about Keiko Abe.

One of the best parts of living in the 21st century is that we have so many resources at our fingertips. I learned so much about music in high school from listening to Keiko Abe's recordings (she has several awe-inspiring CDs). Even cooler, though, is the fact that we have YouTube videos of Abe playing now!

It's sort of tough to find some of these, as searching for "Keiko Abe" brings up a lot of people playing her pieces; to add to the difficulty, some of the results in foreign languages (i.e. Japanese) don't show up in searches. I have compiled this list to get directly to the good stuff. If you find one I have missed, please use the contact page to let me know.

Conversation in the Forest III

Excerpts of Wind in the Bamboo Grove, Memories of the Seashore, interview (in Japanese), masterclass of ???, Jean Geoffroy plays some Bach, Jean Geoffroy and Keiko Abe duo! (I think Michi?)

Fiddle Faddle (Leroy Anderson) with trio

Improvisation (duo) with Mark Ford

Improvisation with crystal bowls

Interview with Mark Ford

Itsuki Fantasy (excerpt, low quality)

Lauda Concertata (Akira Ikufube)

Itsuki Fantasy marimba ensemble version (excerpt)

Marimba Spiritual excerpt, improvising a second marimba part

Masterclass in Lyon, contains performance of Voice of Matsuri Drums (excerpt), masterclass of Variations on Japanese Children's Songs, Prism, Marimba d'amore

Masterclass in Japan, contains Variations on Japanese Children's Songs (not much playing)

Masterclass in Japan with David Friedman, contains Bach; mostly students playing

Memories of the Seashore marimba ensemble version (excerpt, low quality)



Prism Rhapsody (excerpt--end of the piece)

Prism Rhapsody masterclass

Prism Rhapsody II (audio only)

Prism Rhapsody II cadenza with Mark Ford

Prism Rhapsody II with Mark Ford (excerpt, low quality)

Sarmientos Concerto, Movement I

Sarmientos Concerto, Movement II

Sarmientos Concerto, Movement III

Silent Night with Ludwig Albert, Katrine Druyts

Six mallet solo (Galilee Impressions?) at Mariinsky Theatre

Tico Tico with Ney Rosauro, marimba ensemble

Variations on Japanese Children's Songs masterclass, improvising a second marimba part

Variations on Japanese Children's Songs marimba ensemble version (excerpt, low quality)

Voice of Matsuri Drums

Wave Impressions marimba ensemble version (excerpt, low quality)

The Wave Impressions concerto with St. Ursula Eichi High School Wind Orchestra

The Wave Impressions II double concerto rehearsal with Mark Ford, interview, also contains brief excerpt of Prism Rhapsody II cadenza with Ford

Wind Across Mountains

Wind Sketch II