Crawford: Ghost River

Edwards: Marimba Dances

Glennie: A Little Prayer

Gomez: Rain Dance

Peters: Any piece



Abe: Frogs

Abe: Prism (two mallet)

Bach: Cello Suites

Fissinger: Suite for Marimba

Friedman: Marshmellow

Levitan: Baroque Suite

Miyoshi: Conversation Suite

Musser: Etude in C, Etude in B, Etude in Ab; Nature Boy

Sammut: Four Rotations

Schmitt: Ghania

Sejourne: Nancy

Smadbeck: Rhythm Song

Stout: Two Mexican Dances



Abe: Any improvisation

Aldridge: From My Little Island

Bach: Two Part Inventions

Bach: Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Espel: Zamba para escuchar tu silencio

Hodkinson: Hammer (two mallet)

Miki: Time for Marimba

Muramatsu: Land

Naito: Memory of the Woods

Sammut: Cameleon

Sammut: Stroboscope

Stout: Rumble Strips

Tanaka: Two Movements for Marimba

Živković: Ilijaš


Extremely Advanced:

Abe: Marimba d’Amore

Deane: The Process of Invention

Druckman: Reflections on the Nature of Water

Ewazen: Northern Lights

Lansky: Three Moves

Maslanka: Variations on Lost Love

Schwantner: Velocities

Serry: Groundlines

Spencer: Almost 5 a.m. (two mallet)

Thomas: Merlin

Viñao: Khan Variations

Živković: Fluctus (two mallet)